Deli Meats

assorted smoked meat basketFrom smoked pork to smoked bacon and everything in-between, Bernat's Polish Deli is sure to have the perfect meat selection to satisfy your lunch craving or your next party!

Lean Ham Kielbasa – Kielbasa Szynkowa: Smoked pork, our leanest kielbasa, good served cold (Stick)

Cherrywood-smoked Kielbasa: Great color and a heavy smoked flavor (Stick)

Polish Kielbasa – Kielbasa Polska: Smoked pork, also lean, good served hot or cold, a more smokey flavor (Stick)

Spicy Garlic Kielbasa – Kielbasa Weselna: Smoked pork, heavy garlic and 4 different peppers, good served hot or cold (Stick)

Tarnowska Kielbasa – Kielbasa Tarnowska: Smoked pork, mild, good served hot or cold (Stick)

Grilling Kielbasa – Kielbasa Popularna: Smoked pork, less spices to allow the grill flavor to show through, and more fat to keep it nice and juicy off the grill (Stick)

Kelley Dogs – Kielbasa Mysliwska: Smoked pork, “hot dog” length (Each)

Fresh Kielbasa – Kielbasa Surowa: Pork, raw, “white kielbasa”, usually prepared by boiling (Each, large or small)

Kielbasa Loaf – Pieczen Rzymska: “meat loaf”-style baked kielbasa meat (Deli sliced or chunk)

Fresh Kabanos – Kabanos Swiezy: Pork, beef, and veal, smoked with caraway seed flavoring (Stick)

Blood Sausage – Kiszka: Pork – fully smoked and ready to eat! (Double stick)

Hot Dogs – Parowki: Pork and veal – no cast off meat in these! Smoked (Each)

Headcheese – Salceson: Pork – Traditional recipe (Deli Sliced)

Jellied Chicken – Salceson z Kury: Jellied “chicken soup” (Deli Sliced)

Liverwurst – Pasztetowa: Pork – A nice spread (Chunk)

Baked Liverwurst – Pasztet Pieczony: Regular liverwurst as above, but baked in a loaf (Thick sliced or chunk)

Hunter's Smoked Bacon – Boczek Mysliwski: Double smoked, lean bacon (Deli slice or chunk)

Smoked Bacon – Boczek Wedzony: Pork – Longer slices, boneless, lean (Deli sliced or chunk)

Pressed Bacon – Boczek Prasowany: (Deli sliced or chunk)

Canadian Bacon – Poledwica: Smoked pork tenderloin (Deli Sliced)

Double Canadian Bacon – Poledwica Podwojna: Two regular Canadian bacons tied and smoked together to make a larger slice (Deli Sliced)

Baked Canadian Bacon – Poledwica Goralska / Sopocka

Smoked Canadian Bacon – Poledwica Surowa: Pork tenderloin, smoked up to 12 hours, similar to “Italian Proscuito” (Deli Sliced)

Turkey Breast – Szynka z Indyka: Nice large turkey breast, hickory-smoked (Deli Sliced)

Veal Loaf: Slightly sweet processed veal loaf (Deli Sliced)

Royal Ham – Szynka Krolewska: Pork Ham, lean, cooked and smoked, less salt (Deli Sliced or whole)

Country Ham – Szynka Wiejska: Pork Ham, lean arlic flavor (Deli Sliced or whole)

Pressed Ham – Szynka Prasowana: Smoked Pork Ham, lean (Deli Sliced or whole)

Black Forest Ham – Szynka Czarna: Pork Ham, cooked and smoked with a fatty skin, juicier (Deli Sliced or whole)

Daisy Ham – Baleron: Pork Ham, smoked or baked (Deli Sliced or whole)

Baby Ham – Szynka Mala: Smoked Pork Ham (Half or whole)

Dry “KK” – Krakowska Sucha: Pork, small round slices, perfect for topping crackers (Deli Sliced)

Golonka Prasowana: Pressed ham shanks