Authentic & Delicious

leanhamkielbasaOur Polish recipes blend fresh, hearty meats, fruits and vegetables into beloved, time-tested dishes. Whether you grew up on Polish cuisine or have only tasted a sampling, we invite you to try something new!

We take great pride in our Polish recipes, which reflect the traditions of many Eastern European countries. Not sure what some of our menu items are? Here’s a list of our offerings explained. We are also happy to respond to your e-mail questions and provide more information about our foods and recipes!


Perfect for on-the-go lunches and dinners. Our rotating menu features a wide variety of specials prepared with the products listed below.

Our Prepared Products include:

Golabki: Meat and rice stuffed cabbage rolls

Baby Back Ribs:  Oven roasted in our own sweet and tangy sauce

Chicken Cutlet: Breaded chicken breast

Pork Cutlet: Breaded pork

Krokiety z Miesem: Croquets w/ cabbage and meat

Krokiety z Grzybami: Croquets w/ cabbage and mushrooms

Naleszniki: Sweet cheese blintz

Pierogi – Cabbage: Cabbage stuffed dough

Pierogi – Potato & Cheese: Potato and cheese stuffed dough

Pierogi – Cheese: Sweet cheese stuffed dough

Pierogi – Sauerkraut & Mushroom: Sauerkraut and mushroom stuffed dough

Pierogi – Blueberry: Blueberry filled stuffed dough

Pierogi – Apple: Apple filled stuffed dough

Pierogi – Meat & Cabbage: Pork and cabbage stuffed dough

Lazanki: Lazy cabbage pierogi

Kapusta: Cabbage soup

Bigos: Cabbage soup w/ meat and tomato

Flaczki: Beef tripe soup

Gulasz: Pork and Beef stew

Zimne Nozki / Studzelina: Jellied pig’s feet

Salatka Jarzynowa: Veggie salad – pea, carrot, potato, mayo, etc.

Papryka: Peppers stuffed w/ meat and rice

Polish Plate: Pierogi, Golumbki, kapusta, kielbasa

Wings: Meaty wings in our own sauce

Waffle: Wafers w/ chocolate & vanilla