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895 Meadow Street • Chicopee, MA 01013 • 413-594-8768

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Always on the search for great quality meats, I came across Bernat’s web page. Growing up in East Springfield in the 60’s, my mother’s go to meat market and deli was the Falls Provision. Their kielbasa and deli meats were made in house and since moving to Florida in 68, it has been hard to find products that compare. The Blue Seal brand is okay but it still does not stand up to the taste and quality of homemade old world meats. Boar’s Head is supposed to be the premium deli meat brand but this pales in comparison to what we used to get when I lived in Springfield (and what you can get at Bernat’s). Bernat’s product list was impressive and since their kielbasa and deli meats are made in house, I had to try it out. Bernat’s does not ship but I made contact with Gregory and we coordinated an order of assorted meats to be shipped FedEx. They have several varieties of kielbasa and they are all far superior in quality and taste to any I have had from any other producer. One of their kielbasa along with some of their home made perogi makes a meal fit for a king, especially with one of their cheese blitzes for dessert. I have never had any better.

Now, about their deli meats. They make a jellied chicken roll and a head cheese that are the best I have ever had. Their deli hams and pressed ham are without comparison and the liverwurst with its mild flavor beats out all others out there. The veal loaf is much better than their local competitor’s baked loaf product and the hot dogs are tops in quality and taste (nothing like those packaged wonder meat dogs in supermarkets).

My verdict is in. I give Bernat’s (***** + *) 6 out of 5 stars. Try them, you won’t be disappointed.
Posted By: Joe Borelli
Ormond Beach, Florida
I've been to Bernat's several times. The store is small, but the prices and the quality are worth it. Their Kielbasa and deli hams are the best you will find anywhere. I can't say enough good things about the quality of their food. Most of the workers speak polish with some broken English, but you can manage. All of the products, except for a handful, are direct from Poland and have no English on the label. I have managed however to have the staff help me decipher what the packaging says. I've never once been disappointed with what I have gotten from there. I love to go - its the only place I will buy some of my deli meats!
Posted By: Jennifer M.
Chicopee, MA
Bernat's makes the finest kielbasa in the world. Located in Chicopee, MA - the kielbasa capital of the world they also make their own deli meats and other specialty products. Great homemade desserts, as well.
Posted By: Tom P.
Bernat's Deli is the best place to buy my kielbasa and lunch meats. I love his home made Turkey. It is terrific for sandwiches. The Ham Kielbasa is awesome. A great snack or snack dish for a party. They have tons of polish stuff from soups to juices to cakes and cookies. If you haven't been there you must go. If you don't speak Polish don't worry they have people that speak English, too. The golumki are also very good!
Posted By: KittyKat
Chicopee, MA
Greg and Melissa, on behalf of the Polish Center, let me formally thank you for creating an amazing luncheon of Polish delicacies. The menu surpassed anything I could have imagined. Everything was delicious and most importantly played an important part in the development of our relationship with Quinnipiac University. The intimacy of the Polish Center dining room (a restaurant would have been too distracting), the menu (as authentic as it comes) and service (what a wonderful waitress!) made for a positive impression. Peter, Hanna and Chris could not have been more complimentary. We’re off to developing a great partnership and strategic alliance. Please bask in the knowledge that you helped launch us into this new arena. Thank you Greg and Melissa. You are great partners. Take care.
Posted By: Joanne M. Gruszkos

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